A couple of weeks ago I decided to switch my Pinterest account from personal to business. I’ve been hanging around on Pinterest, knee deep in kittens and cupcake recipes, for nearly a year now, and over the last couple of weeks, I’ve really noticed my boards getting busier and more interactive? Is it the same for you too?

If you are using Pinterest for commercial purposes then you should switch over to a business account now as Pinterest requires you to do so as part of its terms and conditions. But it’s no bad thing as there are some advantages to having a Pinterest business account:

It’s easier to name your account with your business name. No more cumbersome shoehorning in of your bizz name under “first name” and “last name” you can now use your business name as it is.

Helpful tips and tools – there’s a whole raft of new advice from Pinterest to help you communicate your business more effectively and some new buttons and badges for your blog or website.

To set up a business account, all you need to do is to head over to Pinterest for Business. There you’ll be given the option to convert your existing personal account to a business account by uploading a file to your website or by adding some code to your website’s header. Similar to the same way you verify your website to use Google Analytics.

You do have the option, of course, of keeping a personal account and opening a new business account separately. I decided to convert my existing account from personal to business it was already more business orientated than personal and because I had already built a following to this account that I didn’t want to confuse or lose 🙂

You are also able to create a new profile for the business account, including information about the type of business you have e.g. retail, professional, brand. You can add an image too.

There’s also a new range of funky widgets to bridge your website and Pinterest account such as one which personalizes a “share button.”

Alison Rothwell

Like all online marketing platforms, make sure you get the best out of Pinterest by optimising your profile and pins, linking to your own images and making it a relevant extension to your brand.

If you want to know more about creating a specific board for your business then check out my recent post.

Otherwise, Happy Pinning!